Changing the face of design for your POS management

Mosambee is a mobile application that helps the shopkeepers to manage their POS data, make payments and create online stores.

Mosambee POS managing App UX research, UX & UI design for mobile application & responsive website

Mosambee is an EMV enabled comprehensive mobile application for (POS) Point of Sale system providing end to end payment solutions for different modes of transactions. Essentially Mosambee is a B2B platform that works with incumbent payers in the ecosystem, leading to a simple and equitable management model which enables parties to maximize gain from their partnerships. The idea was to create a smooth one stop shop for the shopkeepers to track and manage their data, collect payments, create online stores and a hassle free experience.


In recent years, POS systems in India have evolved significantly due to advancements in technology and the growing demand for efficient and seamless transactions. To kickstart the project, we began our research by conducting workshops and communicating with the stakeholders and potential users understand our core customers, their workflows, pain points, technical constraints, product goals and their expectations.


Once the deeper understanding of the users and business is achieved, we started by identifying the personas and mapping out the existing information and trends of the market. We identified the issues and restructured the app as a one stop solution, keeping the personas in mind for ease of navigation throughout the app. After finalising the information and user journeys with the stakeholders, we began creating the wireframes.


After rounds of research and understanding the market trends, we began with our design process. We wanted to come up with an easy to navigate system, which is also simple to use for the shopkeepers. We introduced multiple solutions on a single device: magnetic swipe, NFC, mobile banking, QR codes, loyalty cards to name a few.
The use of bright colors with a tint of subtlety represented balance, passion, and success. We created a cohesive solution with visually appealing designs for users to manage their POS data, make payments, create online stores and organize information. Through our design, we changed the look and experience of POS management in India.


Using the research as reference, we started created wireframes. Throughout the design process, we kept the the users in mind, ensuring that their objectives and challenges were taken into account.



We adhered a consistent design language. Keeping the original version, we simplified it and created an abstract, visually appealing logo design.


Mobile UI

We created engaging and colorful UI screens for the Mosambee app, showcasing bars, graphs and other visuals which is easier and more impactful for the users.


UI Components





The color palette of the design we created matched with the one stop solution idea behind the app, interlinking the reliable, easy-to-use look and feel of Mosambee.



We designed easy to understand icons for different features make the app more reliable for the users..



Through our user experience research, we created a design for Mosambee that directly speaks to the users. We were able to create an end-to-end, one stop solution for the shopkeepers who can manage their payments easily, organize their POS data and create online stores.