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Accreda is an online higher education platform that is centered around the learner and focuses on skill development which are relevant to the learners' career interest and current market trends and inspires them to never stop learning.

Accreda USA Web App

Keybridge Global Education is a groundbreaking educational initiative dedicated to revolutionizing the impact of higher education on employability and career outcomes through the strategic integration of technology. In collaboration with stakeholders, Keybridge Global Education aims to meet the following essential criteria:

  • Design and develop a cutting-edge digital-first educational platform, catering to both learners (D2L) and businesses (D2B) in the higher education and skills development sector.
  • Create an engaging and interactive platform that enables learners to track and showcase their continuous skill-building progress. This involves seamlessly integrating University-provided content with the Learning Management System (LMS) platform and the F.L.Y tool, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive learning experience.
  • Set a tone for Accreda brand as a ruler in the industry and provide support and help shape the career of the learner.

Discover a transformative approach to education with Keybridge Global Education and our commitment to leveraging technology for a future-focused learning experience.


We took on the challenge of designing and developing Accreda, a state-of-the-art Edtech platform. Our goal was to craft an intuitive and user-friendly platform, optimizing career-building experiences for individuals and universities. The technology stack employed for this project comprises Next JS and Bootstrap for the user interface, Express.js for middleware, MySQL for the database, Linux as the operating system, and cloud services for seamless hosting. Explore the innovation behind Accreda with Lollypop Design Studios.

Project Scope and Objectives
The primary goals of the Accreda project were to simplify holistic career-building processes for individuals, universities, and enterprises. We also wanted to provide a seamless and user-friendly interface for both administrators and end-users which ensures scalability to accommodate a growing user base and utilise modern technologies to enhance performance and responsiveness.
Key Strategies

Mentorship and Coaching

Experienced industry mentors and career coaches guide students throughout their program,

Learning Model

Keybridge combines synchronous live sessions with asynchronous self-paced learning

Mentorship and Coaching

Experienced industry mentors and career coaches guide students throughout their program,

Leveraging Technology

Keybridge utilizes online collaboration tools, adaptive learning platforms, career assessments


Our emphasis was on building a website that provides users with a comprehensive learning experience and personalised learning programs. This was accomplished through:


We create solutions keeping focus on the users and their needs in each phase of the design process.

Interactive & intuitive

Used multimedia elements like images, videos, and infographics to make the content more visually engaging.

Simple & Subtle

Created a user-friendly journey that is seamless and maintain consistency across categories.


Created an experience that encompass full attention and draws the user seamless interactions.

Wireframes for Web

Using the research as reference, we started creating wireframes. Throughout the design process, we kept the users in mind, ensuring that their objectives and challenges were taken into account. Low-fidelity wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes were created to visualize the user interface and gather feedback. Take a look at the wireframes created by our UX tribe.

logo logo
logo logo logo


We chose Playfair Display and Manrope font throughout our designs of the Accreda project. Both the fonts are web-friendly options and provide with flexibility in creating visually appealing and balanced layouts.




Website UI

We then moved to the UI Design process, creating a clean and consistent design creating a seamless user experience for all the end-to-end users.

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Development Process, Challenges and Solutions

Development Process:

Agile Methodology

Accreda embraces Agile development for iterative, adaptive processes, ensuring quick adaptation to changing needs and enhancing search visibility.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Thorough testing occurs at every development stage to guarantee the platform's reliability, security, and performance. This approach aims to streamline

Challenges and Solutions:


To ensure scalability, microservices architecture implemented, load-balancing techniques were employed.

Performance Optimisation:

Caching mechanisms were used to optimise the platform's performance to optimisation


Best practices for web application security implemented, including encryption, secure coding practices, regular security audits.

Architecture and Tech Stack



What did we achieve from this project?

Accreda stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between Lollypop Design Studios and the client. The use of modern technologies and a user-centered design approach has resulted in an innovative and effective Ed Tech platform that addresses the evolving needs of Individuals and universities the holistic learning process empowers individuals to focus on growth in their career.

Outcome and Results

Accreda, powered by the chosen tech stack and Lollypop Design Studios’ design expertise, resulted in a successful Ed Tech platform that met and exceeded client expectations. The platform was well-received for its intuitive interface, responsiveness, and streamlined learning processes.